History of the Mount Pisgah Baptist Church

A HEALTHY, VIBRANT church continuing the work of Jesus Christ!

The Beginning...........

Founded October 31, 1865
South Hill Baptist Church of Bloomington
Recognition from the Council of Churches, as a colored Baptist Church
Name Change
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church of Bloomington, November 2, 1865

Sabbath School instituted at 3:00 p.m.

Communion Service every three months
Adopted Articles of Faith and Baptist Covenant of the Woodriver Colored Baptist Association
The 1st church was located South Lee and Water Street. South eastside of Lee Street and South of the Nickel Plate Railroad tracks.

The framed building and land, cost $1,000.00 and was paid by subscriptions.
The noise from the trains disturbed the service. Rev. Ernest Hail, purchased present location from Thomas Kerrick, for $400.00
Francis Pillsbury (from the flour family) designed this church
Negro men from Springfield built the church

Building started in 1915 under Rev Samuel H. Gipson, Pastor and cost $10,000
April 23, 1916, members marches from the old church to the new church
1945 the original wide board floor was replaced with concrete. All church debt was paid off under Rev. Herring.
Corporate name to be THE MT. PISGAH BAPTIST CHURCH name registered December 18, 1967, Recorded September 8, 1970
1958, Church was completely remodeled under Pastor Leo Sneed and Henry L. Brown the chairman and supervisor of project.
Thomas Reasoner was our first pastor at an annual salary of $400.00
Rev. Frank L. McSwain, Sr. is the 24th & current Pastor